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Latest released version: 0.2.1. View release information.
Update: A patch has been released (2004-11-13 11:28). While it is for nothing critical, you should download it if you don't like seeing "assumed constant 'index'" errors. Version 0.2.1 already has the patch applied.

PHP Shell Tools is a PHP script that acts as a unix shell console. It basicly lets the user execute shell commands and other related features via PHP. For security reasons, all users must login to be able to use PHP Shell Tools, for this reason, PHP Shell Tools must use a MySQL database to be able to store the users and their passwords. All user passwords are encrypted using SHA1 encryption.

PHP Shell Tools was built so that site administrators could access their content without having to use the control panel supplied by their host.

Warning: You may want to first consult with an administrator of your host before using PHP Shell Tools, as you may be gaining acccess to content you were not meant to be able to access.

We are in no way responsible for your actions or the consequences that result from malicous use of PHP Shell Tools.